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hi I loveeeeee you! ☺💕💞💛


Yeeess!!! I can't wait to watch this. Finally netflix is adding more non-action and non-gory shows. More uplifting reality tv like this please! I want media that inspires and spreads positivity ❤.

its a very cute video you guys did hard work if you did it by yourself it would take forever I bet.

If you do touchless, you need to go from the bottom up so you don't wash off the soap before you're ready to remove the dirt with it. However, if you brush the truck after soaping, you can go the normal top down as you've already loosened the dirt. With touchless, you need the soap to be on the surface for as long as possible since it's the only thing besides water pressure to get the dirt off, and water pressure is rarely enough on its own..

he did a good job washing from bottom to top. I wash 20-30 trucks like this per day. I prove it.

is that the power of oxy-clean?

love it

I hate sorting tack but love cleaning it



Top to bottom, idiots

This is awesome!! I love her book. Cant wait to watch the show!!

I would like to see your whole house

This is sparking joy for me right now


I don't have any stuff to arrange


Love it and you have awesome pets! ht3xmqep Submergence once you start working on your home, your actually working on you too. you'll see that you only want things that bring you joy, maybe spend less? get rid of the other clutter in your life that's not physical? it's a way of life.

Marikon Do is my drag name



Is she just wearing a t shirt and her panties


All the dumb fuck, read the description box first. Lev Hello i am a lazy person I shove all mg clothes in the bottom of my wardrobe I shove a hole bunch of junk under my bed Well you get it IM LAZY.


I bet that stuff is very environmentally friendly. Read the description before y’all complain about him doing it wrong





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